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Tumaini Environment Conservation Group (TECG)

Tumaini Environment Conservation Group (TECG)


Plot no 1, Block P-Kisosora

Tanga City

Victor. A. Massawe

P. BOX 1353


TEL: +255 713 244 517, 784 244 517

E –mail:

The mission of the Tumaini Environment Conservation Group is to promote and support environmental activities, health, water and sanitation as a means to enhancing sustainable development.

Specifically, it works to improve livelihoods in communities through conserving and preserving natural resources and sustainably utilising these resources to improve health, water quality and sanitation.

To this end, TUCG carries out advocacy and lobbying for good governance and to raise community awareness with regards to water and health education; in pursuit of this, it works in cooperation with. TaWaSaNet, Tanga City Council, UWASA, WWF Tanzania, Mkinga District Council, Lawyers  Environmental Tanzania, Legal and Human Rights, Mazingira Network and Tanga Coast Resource Centre.

Its past successes include tree planting and educational work to raise awareness of the sustainable utilisation of natural resources.

Coverage (places the organization implementing or has implemented projects) Tanga Region
Partners the organization working with i.e. CBOs, local and international organizations  


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